Current Vasectomy Providers

No Stork, LLC continues to grow. Try that in a practice that has no repeat patients! Dr. Snyder is embarking on adding other vasectomy providers to share this excess demand. To maintain the appeal to patients who are interested in a better vasectomy, only physicians who perform minimally invasive vasectomy, or are willing to leave the constraints of a traditional approach behind need inquire. Dr Snyder can help train you in No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy.

The No Stork Practice Model has been developed so that physicians interested in providing minimally invasive No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy in a clean, safe and super super-efficient setting can keep their current job wherever that may be and come into our office for one day a month (or more or less) to earn money as a part time employee. Your expertise will be rewarded, and you will be able to retain your own word-of-mouth referrals in addition to being assigned to new patients whose schedule aligns with yours!

If you are interested in growing your income and your vasectomy skills by “moonlighting” at No Stork, LLC, please reach out via the form on the Contact Us page, and we can initiate a dialogue about your possible future as a No Stork, LLC physician.”

“Make a vast difference to someone’s Vas Deferens!”