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Get a $200 discount and help the future!

Dr. Snyder has been providing vasectomy services since 2001. He has perfected his technique by combining skills learned when he first learned No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy over 20 years ago as well as the practical experience gained over time and thousands of procedures completed. Demand for vasectomy is going up in Indiana and elsewhere. In order for No Stork, LLC to meet this demand, Dr. Snyder has embarked on training licensed providers to provide minimally invasive vasectomy according to the “No Stork Technique”. With complication rates and failures approaching zero, the next generation of vasectomy providers will be able to supplement this increased demand, and you can help.

Choose to have your vasectomy done on “Training Day” and get a $200 discount!

Don’t worry, Dr. Snyder is present for your entire procedure. The trainee will perform all or part of your procedure depending on where they are in their educational journey. If the trainee gets “bogged down”, Dr. Snyder will be right there to help them through it, possibly taking over the procedure if need be. The end result is that you get a vasectomy done essentially by Snyder himself, but with $100 off his usual fee.  Of course these can take a bit more time than if Dr. Snyder was performing them by himself, but there is no other difference, and the patient’s comfort is NEVER compromised.

Please consider being an important part of the future of vasectomy.  Dr. Snyder is training Physician Assistants to perform vasectomies. These Advanced Practice Providers are licensed to perform procedures, and are the future of health care. Their education is similar to physicians in many ways, but they usually focus on one area of expertise, in this case vasectomy; they operate under the collaborative agreement of a physician, and in this case it is Dr. Snyder. For more information please click here.

Dr. Snyder’s current trainee is Nicole Brown, PA. She has over 10 years of experience working in the Emergency Room, and is also a provider at Embolden MedSpa in Indianapolis.

After you register and receive a return email from us, let Emily know that you are interested in the “Training Day Discount”. Register here.