How does a Vasectomy affect my sexual function?

well woman 05022013Vasectomy permanently interrupts the delivery of sperm cells into the ejaculate or semen. The volume and appearance of the semen looks the same as before the procedure, because the volume that the sperm adds to the semen is less then 1% so the ejaculated fluid has no change in appearance even after the sperm has cleared. Testosterone is produced in the testicles, but it is delivered to the rest of the body through the blood stream, not the vas deferens. Therefore there is no chance that having a vasectomy will affect your testosterone level, so there is no physical or hormonal reason vasectomy should affect your ability to get an erection or change your desire for sex. It is recommended that you abstain from sex for at least three days after the procedure as part of your recovery, and you must use an alternative form of birth control until the semen analysis confirms there are no more sperm in the semen before relying on vasectomy for birth control.