Vasectomy for Permanent Birth Control

Remember, vasectomy will forever prevent any man from getting his partner pregnant.  Reversal, although possible for vasectomy  is expensive and may not restore fertility. Regretting having had a permanent procedure such as vasectomy may happen, especially if a new partner comes along and wants a child. This is much more common the younger a patient is when he has his vasectomy, because there is more time in life to possibly change partners.

Prior to having a vasectomy, it is a good idea to consider banking semen prior to having the vasectomy procedure. This is especially true the younger you are, and especially if you have no children.

You can follow these links below for more information about sperm banking:

After you have had a vasectomy, testing for success is very important by submitting a specimen for post vasectomy semen analysis.

The Right Doctor

Choosing the right doctor is almost as important as choosing whether or not to have (more) children. Dr Donald Snyder has the experience and expertise to safely and effectively provide vasectomy services. Please review the procedure description carefully. As you seek an experienced doctor to perform vasectomy, the description below is a good source of information as a basis for asking the right questions.