Special Offer

Limited Time Offer:

Save $200 off of our regular price, and have your vasectomy done on a Saturday.

Dr. Snyder is training a new doctor to perform vasectomies at No Stork! Dr. Amit Shetty has joined Dr. Snyder and will be performing the same No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy procedure as Dr. Snyder. 

Help train the next generation of No Stork doctors and save $200. Dr. Snyder will be present during your procedure, and will do portions of the procedure as needed to get Dr. Shetty trained to the same standards that Dr. Snyder established long ago. Besides saving money, you will benefit from the convenience of having a Saturday vasectomy. If your job is sedentary, you may get back to work on Monday, and not miss any time at all. 

For more information on recovery see Post Vasectomy instructions HERE.

Register HERE. You will get an email from our office manager Emily within a couple of days. Let her know you want the discounted training day vasectomy, and we will see you then!