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PDF Map This map is for Dr. Snyder’s Indianapolis vasectomy clinic which is in the Castleton area in the Sycamore Springs Office Park.

All patients must register online in order to get an out-of-pocket cost estimation, and to get scheduled. Dr. Snyder charges everybody $900 for vasectomy, and you can usually get scheduled within 6 weeks of filling out the registration form. Due to high demand, There is a $100 fee charged at the time of registration that is applied to the vasectomy bill. The deposit will be promptly refunded if an appointment is unable to be scheduled that suits your needs.

Registration Page

Dr. Snyder performs vasectomies on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.

Almost all of our communication is done by email and texts once you are registered. When you contact us by phone (317-982-0262) even during normal business hours Monday through Friday, you will almost certainly be forwarded to voicemail. Please leave a message when asked. Dr. Snyder’s assistant Emily is usually not able to answer the phone right when you call, but will respond as soon as she can, usually within one business day. Once you have your vasectomy, you will be given Dr. Snyder’s cell phone so you can text or call him directly if you have any concerns. 

Please use the form below if you want to ask Dr. Snyder a general medical question about vasectomy or a question about his vasectomy practice. If you already have had a vasectomy by Dr. Snyder, please use Dr. Snyder’s cell phone that he supplied to you to text or call him instead of using this form. The use of this form is not appropriate for medically urgent matters, nor will it establish a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Snyder. It is for general information only.


Ask Doctor Snyder a Question About Vasectomy:

Do not use this form for EMERGENCY situations. 
If this is an emergency, seek immediate medical attention or dial 911.

Fill out this form if you have a question for Dr. Snyder about the procedure, recovery or his practice. To schedule and/or get an out-of-pocket estimate based on your insurance coverage, please visit the registration page, instead of using this form. Registration Page

If you have already registered, please check your “spam” folder for an email response from us (usually sent within two business days of your registration) before using this form to inquire about your registration status.