Vasectomy Costs

Basic Price

Dr. Snyder charges only $1000 for his No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy.  This is the charge with or without insurance. The price includes the follow up semen analysis to prove sterility 2 months later. If a man prefers to have a consultation visit prior to making a decision about the vasectomy, then the consultation visit is billed in addition, and is $250. Both the consultation and procedure are generally covered by most health insurance plans, but the degree of coverage can vary widely depending on deductible and co-payments. Dr. Snyder accepts Anthem and some other private health insurance. 

Out of Pocket Cost Estimates

One service that Dr. Snyder’s office provides that most others don’t, is to get an out-of-pocket estimate for you prior to scheduling the procedure. Health care coverage is confusing at best, and nearly impossible for a lay person to get all the answers needed themselves. Dr. Snyder’s staff will get the personal and health insurance information from you that is needed when you register online. His assistant Emily will then contact your insurance company and get an estimate of what it will likely cost you out-of-pocket. This will be as close as possible, based on deductibles, coinsurance, co-payments and other factors. If the estimate ends up being wrong, the difference will either be billed to you or refunded depending on the circumstances.

Payment Terms:

Please review our Financial Policy.

Dr. Snyder accepts primarily cash and credit cards for out of pocket expenses, which are due at the time of service. We also work with Care Credit for interest free payment plans.

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