No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy Procedure at Dr. Snyder’s office:

Prior to your vasectomy, You will have watched Dr. Snyder’s Counselling Video

Dr. Snyder will then answer any questions you may have about your vasectomy so that you are comfortable with this very important decision. He can personally meet with you at a separate, prior consultation visit (at an additional cost) to discuss the procedure before your procedure appointment if you prefer. Almost all men however, have everything done in just one visit. At the end of this page, there are printable Pre and Post Vasectomy instructions for you to review.

The consultation and procedure are often covered by insurance, and Dr. Snyder’s staff checks your benefits to get an out-of-pocket cost estimate once you have registered as a patient through our registration page.

Once you arrive at the office for your vasectomy procedure, you are taken into the procedure room. An athletic supporter will be offered and you will be able to put it on under your existing clothing.  Dr. Snyder will start by answering any questions you may have. Your significant other is welcome to be present in the room during the procedure. Dr. Snyder will be the only other person in the room the entire time, and will personally prepare you for the No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy (NNNSV) just prior to accomplishing the procedure.

You are generally at the office for less than an hour. The procedure takes a fraction of that time.  After lowering your supporter and/or underwear and pants altogether, you lay back on the procedure table which expands to support your legs. A rubber band is gently placed around your penis and is attached to your shirt; this lifts the penis back and away from the scrotum. The area is then disinfected with a cleansing solution, and you are numbed with the no needle technique. Dr. Snyder uses a special injector that delivers a very small amount of local anesthetic directly through the skin without a needle. This involves minimal discomfort and is very rapidly effective. From this point on, you may feel only some mild pulling sensations from time to time, but no sharp pain.

Once the area is prepped and numbed as described, Dr. Snyder locates the vas deferens one at a time. Each vas deferens is gently held between his fingertips and is grasped with a specially designed ring clamp in the area that is numbed. First one side is done and then the other through just one small opening. With a pair of special forceps, he separates the skin of the scrotum with a no scalpel technique and the small opening is approximately ΒΌ inch. With the same instruments, he gently lifts the tube out through this opening so that the vasectomy procedure can be completed. It is important to understand that once the tubes have been brought out through the tiny opening in the scrotum, the ways in which the tubes are treated by doctors doing vasectomies differ considerably. Metal clips are used by many vasectomy doctors, but Dr. Snyder does not do this.

Well designed studies have shown that cautery of the inside surface of the near end of the tube (vas deferens) along with suturing some of the tissue around the end (fascial interposition), has the lowest rate of vasectomy failure. The testicular end is not blocked (open ended vasectomy) to reduce the chance of pain related to congestion of sperm in the future. This is the technique Dr. Snyder uses to block the vas deferens. Both sides are treated in the exact same manner through one tiny opening. The opening is then covered with some gauze. The one small skin opening is so small that it closes itself and heals without the need for any skin stitches. When the procedure is complete, you are able to get up from the procedure table and exit the office.

It is possible for you to drive yourself to and from the office for your procedure, and many men do, but it is preferred that you have someone drive you. There is a small chance of getting light headed well after the procedure is completed, especially if you have a personal history of getting faint. You may stay at the office for as long as you wish if you are driving yourself, and you take on the responsibility of deciding whether you are capable of driving, just as you would after a visit to the dentist or blood donation.

Vasectomy does not work immediately, and you can still get your partner pregnant until the sperm has cleared from the semen.  To prove you are sterile, you must submit a semen sample after 2 months for Doctor Snyder to look at under the microscope at his office. For your convenience, Dr. Snyder provides a special mailer that will be sent to your home two months after your procedure for your Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis (PVSA) testing . With this kit, you can produce the specimen in the comfort of your own home and simply mail it to Dr. Snyder. No need to go to a lab or even return to Dr. Snyder’s office! Dr. Snyder will text you with the analysis results himself in addition to getting a link to your results via your email. Vasectomies can fail to be successful, so please do not skip this important test. Once the semen is clear, less than 1 man in 2000 will have a failure resulting in pregnancy.

These instructions should be reviewed, and can be printed for future reference:

Remember, vasectomy will forever prevent you from getting your partner pregnant. Reversal, although possible, is expensive and may not restore fertility. It is a good idea to consider banking semen prior to having a vasectomy, especially the younger you are. You can follow these two links for more information on banking semen:

NexGen Home Sperm Banking Kit