About Dr Donald P Snyder

Dr. Don Snyder has been providing no scalpel vasectomy (NSV) since 2002. Having obtained extensive training and experience with NSV, he is the first physician in the Indianapolis area to provide No Needle anesthesia for increased vasectomy comfort.  Dr. Snyder has the knowledge, experience and training essential to providing his superior NO NEEDLE NO SCALPEL VASECTOMY (NNNSV) with the highest success rate. He continues to adopt the best and most current No Scalpel Vasectomy techniques based on sound clinical research.

A native of Indiana, Dr. Snyder is a graduate of Ball State University and Indiana University School of Medicine, and studied NO NEEDLE NO SCALPEL VASECTOMIES at the Pollock Clinic In Vancouver B.C., as well as at the Vasectomy and Reversal Centers of Florida with Dr Doug Stein in Tampa, Florida. Dr Snyder completed his residency at St Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis in 1990, and is formerly board certified in obstetrics and gynecology; he has not delivered any babies since 2012. Dr. Snyder started an OB/GYN practice in Greenfield, IN in 1990, and whenever one of his patients was considering a tubal ligation, he would have them seriously consider vasectomy for their partner due to the inherent lower risks of vasectomy (both medically and from a failure standpoint). After many years of talking patients out of having a procedure that he offered (tubal sterilization), he decided in 2002 to learn the vasectomy procedure in order to provide a complete choice of birth control options to his patients.  Once he gained more experience and training while treating only the spouses of his female patients, he began to offer vasectomies to men outside his OB/GYN practice primarily through his No Stork Website. He is the owner of his practice in Indianapolis, No Stork, LLC, which is limited to vasectomy care only. Dr. Snyder also serves as medical director of Men’s Health Solutions, a clinic in Indianapolis specializing in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and other men’s health issues. 

He and his wife reside in Indianapolis, and they have three adult children and six grandchildren. He would be honored to be trusted to perform this important, once in a lifetime procedure for you.

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