Financial Policy

Financial Policy for Donald P Snyder MD LLC:

Dr. Snyder charges $1000 for his No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy, which includes the follow up semen analysis 2 months later. If a separate pre-procedure consultation is desired by the patient (it is not required) then there is a $250 additional charge for that.

A deposit of $100 (payable by Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card only) is required of all patients during the registration process. Due to high demand, and the limited schedule, this deposit ensures against no-shows, which means serious patients are able to get scheduled more efficiently. If we are unable to accommodate your scheduling needs, your deposit will be refunded upon request. Once an appointment is scheduled, the deposit is fully refundable until 7 calendar days prior to the appointed vasectomy date. If you simply do not show for a scheduled appointment, or if an appointment is not rescheduled and kept within 3 months of registering, then your deposit is forfeited. If this happens, your information will be deleted from our system, and you will need to re-register and pay another deposit when you are ready to have your vasectomy.

Payment Terms:

For patients without health insurance, without insurance that Dr. Snyder accepts (i. e. “out of network”) or who will have an out-of-pocket amount due (because deductible is not met, for example):

The full amount due (less the deposit) is expected at the time of your vasectomy visit. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Care Credit and cash. We do not accept checks, unless they are given to us several days in advance, so there’s time to clear the bank.

For those with health insurance:

Upon registration, we will first check to see if we are in network with your insurance company. If so, an out-of-pocket estimate will be calculated using insurance information from the health insurance information provided by the patient. This process involves us contacting your insurance company and getting information including your current deductible balance and your expected co-insurance amounts from them. We then use the insurance contracted rate to calculate the estimate. We are dependent on the information your insurance company provides us, so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the out-of-pocket estimate.  Please feel free to obtain your own information from your insurance company as well, to compare.  We will rely on our estimate to determine what is owed at the time of the visit, and will rely on the final insurance EOB (explanation of benefits) to determine what is owed after that.

If we are contracted with your insurance company, we will submit a claim on your behalf. Once we receive payment from your insurance company, your initial deposit and any out-of-pocket estimate payment made by you will be applied to any balance that is due. If your estimated amount paid exceeds what you actually owe, the overpayment will be refunded to you as soon as possible. If our estimate was too low, then the balance will be billed to you, and payment in full is expected immediately upon receipt of the bill regardless of how inaccurate the estimate may have been.

If there continues to be a balance due by the patient over 60 days after insurance has paid, then additional collection costs incurred, including attorney’s fees, will be added onto the balance due and payable.

If we are not contracted with your insurance company, then you are “out of network” and your insurance company will not pay us anything, so the entire $900 will be charged and the balance (minus deposit paid) is collected as if you do not have any insurance at all. If you wish to file a claim to be credited toward your “out of network deductible”, you will need to contact your insurance company on how to do that. 

Once you have been registered, and seen, you will have the email address for Emily who handles all the billing. If you have any questions regarding billing or payment, please email her, or call the number on your bill. 

Thank You.