How am I assured that my vasectomy procedure is successful?

smiling manFor men who have had a No Needle No Scalpel Vasectomy at NoStork, a semen analysis is included two months after the procedure to ensure that there are no more sperm cells in the man’s semen so an unwanted pregnancy will not occur. Dr. Snyder does this test himself, through his Post Vasectomy Semen Analysis company Dr. Snyder makes this very important test as discrete and convenient as possible for you so that you have no reason to skip this very important step. mails a special collection kit with a postage paid return mailer and full instructions at just the right time, based on your vasectomy date. The fee is included in the cost of vasectomy for NoStork patients. Patients who have not had a vasectomy at NoStork, or wish to recheck their PVSA for piece of mind beyond the initial testing period may also use at a reasonable additional fee. You can produce the semen specimen in your home, and simply mail it. A link to the results will be emailed securely to you when it is complete.  There are no trips to an impersonal lab and no need to return to the office!