Monday, May 2, 2016

Procedure Performed: April 2016
Walking into the office, I would say that I finally understand how my dog felt being walked into the vet clinic on that fateful day. The office staff greeted me promptly and we even exchanged a few laughs and jokes about what was to come. This instantly made me feel better.

Dr. Snyder came in and started the procedure. I was very comfortable during the procedure, and again exchanged laughs to lighten to mood about a horrible Aprils Fools Day prank (as it was April 1st). Dr. Snyder was very professional and informative; and the procedure was a lot quicker than I had anticipated. Heading home, I made sure I read through the post op procedures (to keep my mind off of things, as I had already read it a few times) and then followed these to a T. I took it easy over the weekend, with minimal strain and unnecessary movement was kept to a minimum. After the first full day, the discomfort was almost completely gone. I continued to take it easy throughout the weekend, and returned to work on Monday with no discomfort.

I was pulled in by website “” as this appealed to my sense of humor, but the process and staff will be what allows me to confidently refer this office to anyone interested in getting this procedure done.